Michael James Talbot

Michael James Talbot working on Cortigiana
Michael James Talbot working on Cortigiana

For Michael James Talbot, sculpting is a passion and has consumed his life since first studding the art in the late 1970’s.

“Sculpture for me, is essentially a theatrical construction, an attempt to show and illuminate a chosen moment in time. I like to give my sculptures choreography of form, tension and balance, to lead the eye and capture a moment in time. Sometimes I work with the fragment form rather than an entire figure, this is a favourite artistic device, often inspired by shadows of the model on the studio wall – because sometimes, less is more.”

M. J. Talbot

Michael James Talbot is a British sculptor, born in Staffordshire in the north of England  in 1959. After completing a BA honours degree in Sculpture, he gained a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Arts in London for post graduate study in 1980, winning the coveted Landseer prize in 1983. He studied further at The Sir Henry Doulton Sculpture School under Colin Melbourne ARCA and Dame Elizabeth Frink RA.

Michael was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1997. He was elected a member of the National Sculpture Society (USA) in 2012. The inspiration for Talbot`s work has always been the human form and its dramatic poetry. It is this, together with his exquisite skills that make his work so individual, intricate and beautiful.



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