‘Briseis’ & ‘Briseis Returns’

“BRISEIS” and “BRISEIS RETURNS” are limited edition, contemporary bronze sculptures by Michael James Talbot. Inspired by the ancient love story of Briseis and Achilles.

In Greek mythology Briseis, was a princess of Lyrnessus. When Achilles led the assault on that city during the Trojan War Briseis was captured and given to Achilles as a war prize to be his concubine. Despite being held in slavery to Achilles the pair fell in love and they were both heartbroken when Briseis was taken from Achilles by King Agamemnon.

Briseis Returns is the second of the pair. After Briseis is taken away from Achilles by King Agamemnon he refused to fight for the Greeks against the Trojans, so Agamemnon offered to return Briseis who in turn pleaded with Achilles to return to battle so that she may be reunited with Achilles. When he finally re-joined the Greeks in battle, Briseis and Achilles were reunited.

Height inc. base is approximately – 58” (147.5cm)